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Murals are a type of decorative painting.  Murals may be painted on walls or on materials, like canvas, then hung on the wall.  Murals added to your home or business allow you to add personal touches, coordinate walls, draperies, and furniture for an overall room effect, make a room more fun or more elegant, and express personal taste.  Carol Hawkins Studio can help you realize your vision in any style or format.  Carol can create the feeling and setting you want whether you are looking for photo realism, impressionism, or any style in between.

Carol can create most any look you desire.  Please note that the smoothness of line in the finished product will, to a large extent, be determined by the smoothness of the wall surface.

Call or email today to learn how Carol Hawkins Studio can bring your visions to life.  Carol looks forward to working with you.

This brick wall is a total fake! 
The pastor of One Way Baptist Church in Round Rock, TX, has preached a lot on the "walls" we put between us and others.  He wanted to have a brick wall in the church foyer without the expense, the noise, and the construction mess.  Carol Hawkins was called upon to paint this brick wall with a - forged - crack down the middle.  The church will also use the wall in its building drive posting plaques on "bricks" featuring the names of donors.

Austin is known as "The Live Music Capitol of the World". And Hilton commissioned Carol to paint a mural depicting the theme of its downtown Garden Inn, "Where Live Music Lives". This stylized art application features views of the hotel's Waller Creek waterfall, the Texas state capitol building, and a Texas flag which features sheet music.

couple, boy, girl, kissing, automobile, car, drive in movie, speakers, kissing, wall mural, mural, portrait, teenagers, 1957 Chevy, convertible, '57 Chevy, man woman, smooching, Austin artist
Portrait of client & beau in their fantasy '57 Chevy convertible.(To see more of Carol's vehicles go to the Illustration page.)

wall mural, mural, sign, drive in movie, arrow, stars, moon, mural, sign, script, lettering, colorful sign, Austin artist Drive in movie screen, wall mural, mural, Austin artist

Drive In Movie Theater
This really fun client suspended her projection t.v. from the 17' ceiling so Carol could turn her media room into a 50s style drive-in movie.
An 8' x 10' movie screen mural was painted above the pass-through to the kitchen. An old-fashioned Coca Cola sign mural above the
pass-through turned the kitchen into B.J.'s Snack Shack. B. J., the waitress, leans out to hand you a Coke. B.J. is the client's mom.
On the wall to the left is a painting of the client and her beau smooching in their fantasy '57 Chevy.
This mural took 3 weeks to create.

wall mural, mural, sign, Coca Cola, snack shack, brand logo, Austin artist, snack shack
portrait, woman, soft drink, sign, 50s, 1950s style, french fries, food, Austin artist, eat
sign, mural, wall mural, lettering, hot dogs, hamburges, hot dog, hamburger, Yum Yum, Austin artist

Top image: A classic Coca Cola sign has been painted over the "snack shack".
Left: Carol Hawkins supervises as B. J. hands you a Coke.
French fries, painted in the background, look good enough to eat!
Right: Hamburgers & hot dogs!  Yum Yum!

longhorn, faux leather, leather, mural, acrylic on canvas, cactus, Bevo, Texas longhorn, western scene, wallhanging, University of Texas mascot

The Longhorn
This 6 1/2' x 12' faux leather wall hanging of Bevo standing amid cactus is actually painted, acrylic on canvas. The owner is a proud former student body president and graduate of the University of Texas. The wall hanging, located in the Galleria area of Houston, demonstrates that a mural need not be painted on site. Any size mural can be portable. If painted on canvas a mural can be rolled up, shipped any distance, then installed & uninstalled like wallpaper.

This wall mural depicts chairs
and tables at a seaside restaurant. 
It is painted in an impressionistic style.

This wall mural depicts a village
street and is painted in an
impressionistic style .

Proposed mural for Motorola

Proposed 20' x 58' mural for Motorola dining room
A fantasy sidewalk cafe is painted in the foreground. Diners enjoy a meal al fresco with a great view of mountains in the background. The
background depicts three of the company's worldwide locations. On the left flowers spill from window boxes of a Swiss chalet. In the center the
famous Capitol of Texas rises above an Austin tree line. On the right a Japanese pagoda can be seen with snow capped Mt. Fuji in the background.

Austin City Limits
Austin City Limits
This lighthearted 9' x 21' mural is reminiscent of the backdrop seen on the Austin City Limits television show. Carol's version of the downtown
Austin Texas skyline has been updated to include the Frost Bank Building. The mural was painted on canvas, and equipped with rings at the top,
so that it could be easily moved and hung. Chi Omega, a University of Texas sorority, commissioned the mural which is used as a stage backdrop.

Take A Beach Vacation
Mural on glass painted for an Austin Texas travel agency. This painting on glass depicts everything needed for a great
beach vacation; a chair with a cold drink, an umbrella, birds flying overhead, starfish, curling waves, and even sand.

Hawkins Studio's charming and colorful window signs
are a great way to call attention to your business!

For more examples of murals go to the Children, & Baby pages.