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animal painting, artist and subject, hippopotamus, hippo, acrylic on concrete, commissioned piece, comical animal painting
Carol poses with a very charming Hutto Hippo. She painted the concrete statue in the team's colors. This hippopotamus was a Christmas gift from the client to his wife. Carol enjoys tackling unusual projects. Her motto: "If it'll stand still I'll paint it."

The Elephants
(oil on canvas)


- Commissions accepted for pet & other animal portraits & paintings -

This client's beloved golden labrador was very old.
He commissioned a folk art style portrait by
another artist in oil pastels.

Disappointed with the portrait the client brought it to us for additional work.  The owner was delighted saying that his grief at losing his best buddy was much lessened by the new portrait.

fine art, horse painting, horse portrait, oil on canvas, commissioned painting, impressionistic style, pet portrait, fine art
Mr. Conservative
Tennessee Walking Horse

commissioned painting
(oil on canvas)

fine art, photorealistic, nature, turtle painting, animal painting, acrylic on paper, nature painting
Red Eared Turtle
(acrylic on paper)

pet portrait, pet and owner portrait, dog portrait, hunting, commissioned portrait, hunters, pastel on paper, pastel portrait
Mark Markham & Bailey
owner & dog

commissioned portrait
(pastel on paper)

animal painting, commissioned portrait, owner and dog portrait, pet portrait, hunters, landscape, pastel on paper painting
The Hunters
owner & dog
commissioned art
(pastel on paper)

, animal painting, pet portrait, dog portrait, dog, commissioned wall mural, mural, acrylic on wall
McGregor, the family dog
detail of commissioned wall mural

dog portrait, bluebonnets, indian paintbrush, Texas wildflowers, pet portrait, commissioned portrait, watercolor, pastel on paper, wildflower painting
Rita Dog in Bluebonnets
commissioned art
(watercolor & pastel on paper)

child portrait, pet portrait, bird, macaw painting, bird painting, wall mural, mural, acrylic on wall, commissioned  wall mural
Marlene & Scarlet Macaw
detail of commissioned wall mural

eagle painting, bird painting, commissioned painting, fine art, oil on canvas, earth, moon, space
Eagle's Eye View
Commissioned painting